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New Members This Month:
Santina's Pizza & Restaurant
92 Route 23 North
Riverdale, NJ 07457
view website
A and J Fireplaces, LLC
681 Route 23 South
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
view website
Town News Today
90 Boonton Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
view website
Assisting Hands
1211 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
Darth Vapor
91 Route 23 North
Riverdale, NJ 07457

view website
Integrated Dental Aesthetics
11 Kiel Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

view website
23 Buffet
600 Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

view website
Wendy's Lenfam Management Group
1204 Route 23 North
Butler, NJ 07405

view website
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Tri-County Chamber

Welcome to the Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit corporation serving the business communities of Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon, and Riverdale.
Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce News UPDATES

Chamber Member Spotlight

Jack PezzutiChamber Member Spotlight - Jack Pezzuti of Cartridge World

Jack discussed the new Printing & Copying Savings Plan. Cartridge will lend you a  printer and all you pay for is the supplies. Service and support on the printer come free with the lease. After your lease you can opt for a new printer or keep using your current printer.

Cartridge World
2 Kiel Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Chris Oldfield Chamber Member Spotlight - Chris Oldfield of Town News Today

Town News Today is a fast growing internet company offering local news to subscribers. Chris talked about the cost effectiveness of advertising on TNT's site rather than using other forms of media. TNT offers a 10% discount for Chamber members.

Town News Today
90 Boonton Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Sal Pagliarulo Chamber Member Spotlight - Sal Pagliarulo of Lina's Restaurant

Lina's Restaurant has been open for 32 years. Sal and Lina have raised over $200,000 for charitable causes. They offer special pricing on Wednesday and Friday nights. Chamber members receive a 50% discount on any gift certificate purchased at Lina's.

Lina's Restaurant
49 Main Street
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce News UPDATES

Holiday Luncheon December 9

Please Join us for our Annual Holiday Luncheon at Lina's Restaurant

Once again we'll be celebrating the holidays at our Special Lunch Buffet. We encourage all of you to come celebrate with fellow chamber workers and even bring your co-workers, family, or a friend or two.

The cost is $15 per person and will include a great buffet as well as Coffee, Tea, Dessert, Wine, and Soda. We also will be

Please RSVP no later than Friday December 4th.

We ask that everyone who plans to attend please R.S.V.P. using the button below. You can also pay in advance to lock in your reservation.

If you prefer to mail in your RSVP please
click on the following link

In addition if you prefer to pay the day of the event, you can email info@triborochamber.org, let us know you are attending and paying the day of the event.

Thank you for attending our November monthly meeting

At our monthly meeting we held elections for our officers and trustees for 2016. All officers and trutees ran unopposed and will maintain their current position through 2016.



Jamie Certosimo, President
Lisa Bendel, Vice President
Helyne Czajkowski, Secretary
Jessica Ballew , Treasurer
Denise Brewster
Lucille Brule'
James Murasko
Lina Pagliarulo

Congratulations once again to our Officers and Trustees and we look forward to a very productive 2016!

Thank you also to our Chamber Spotlight Speakers for putting together informative presentations for our meeting attendees.

Minutes of the Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce

At Lina’s Restaurant | November 11, 2015 | In Attendance

Jamie Certosimo                       President         Aamco Transmissions
Helyne Czajkowski                    Secretary          The Health Center at Bloomingdale
Denise Brewster                        Trustee                         Bloomingdale Chiropractic
Jim Murasko                             Trustee                                     Allstate Insurance
Lina Pagliarulo                          Trustee                                     Lina’s Restaurant
Lucille Brule                              Trustee                                     Coldwell Banker
Jerry Vinci                                                                                 Acu-Data
Vivian Vinci                                                                               Acu-Data
Dave Warfield                                                                           Retired
Todd Soltesz                                                              Stickle-Soltesz Funeral Home
Ken Ginefra                                                                               GCS Consultants
Donna Schwarz                                                                         Treasure Hunt
Matthew Jacobs                                                                        Innovation Fitness
Robert Devito                                                                           Innovation Fitness
Chris Oldfield                                                                            Town News Today
Beverly Sullivant                                                          Reformed Church in Kinnelon
Sal Pagliarulo                                                                            Lina’s Restaurant
Scott Lemly                                                                               Heartland Payroll
Gene Bohensky                                                                   The Alternative Board
Gary Geresi                                                                          Helping Hands
Jack Pezutti                                                                        Cartridge World
Bob Cianci                                                                         North Jersey Media Group
Mary Stevens                                                                      MRS Bookkeeping Svc.
George Brewster                                                                Bloomingdale Chiropractic
Linda Sokerka                                                                           Coldwell Banker
Alan Lewis                                                                                Wells Fargo Advisors
Zitia Stratis                                                                               Elements Massage, Riverdale

Treasurer, Jessica Ballew and Vice President, Lisa Bendel were not in attendance

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Jamie Certosimo with a salute to the flag.
Each member was given one minute to tell us about their business including location and member to member discounts

Honoring Veteran’s Day
 At this time we had Dave Warfied speak about his time in the Navy.  We also asked the chamber members if there were any other veterans in the room and both Chris Oldfield of Town News Today and Alan Lewis of Wells Fargo Advisors also spoke about their time in service.  The chamber thanked them all for their service.

There were no new applications for memberships.  We did have three prospective members in attendance, Alan Lewis of Wells Fargo Advisors, Zitia Stratis of Elements Massage, Riverdale and Gene Bohensky of The Alternative Board.  All of which whom gave a brief description of what they do to the chamber members.

APPROVAL OF October 14, 2015 MINUTES
Motion to accept by Todd Soltesz STICKLE-SOLTESZ FUNERAL HOME 2nd by Jerry Vinci of ACU-DATA BUSINESS PRODUCTS. 
Checking Account Balance        $1,564.46
Pay Pal Account Balance           $829.00
Total                                              $2393.76

Raffle tickets- Acu Data $60.00

Motion to pay bill  made by Jack Pezzuti CARTRIDGE WORLD 2nd by Donna Schwarz of TREASURE HUNT CONSIGNMENT SHOP.

Jaime Certosimo AAMCO TRANSMISSONS president of the chamber reviewed the bylaws with the Chamber members to clarify what one must accomplish in order to run for a position on the board or trustee.


Nominating Committee
Officer elections Chairperson Robert Devito of INNOVATION FITNESS updated the chamber on the November Chamber meeting elections. All candidates ran unopposed, James Certosimo of AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS as President to the Chamber. Lisa Bendel of PARK LANE JEWELRY as Vice President to the Chamber. Jessica Ballew of COLUMBIA BANK as treasurer to the Chamber, Helyne Czatkowski of THE HEALTH CENTER AT BLOOMINGDALE as Secretary to the Chamber and both  Denise Brewster of BLOOMINGDALE CHIROPRACTIC and Jim Murasko of ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO. as Trustees to the Chamber.  A vote was taken there were no objections.  A motion to approve was made by Beverly Sullivant REFORMED CHURCH OF KINNELON 2nd by Lucille Brule’ COLDWELL BANKER.

Raffle Committee
Scholarship raffle Chairman Jerry Vinci of ACU-DATA BUSINESS PRODUCTS informed the chamber that raffle tickets are now available through him.   An email blast to all members was made informing them of the importance of the fundraiser.  Tickets must be back and sold by the end of November so we have everything in order before the drawing. Please participate in this most important function of our Chamber.

Jamie Certosimo announced a large multi-chamber networking event sponsored by our chamber on November 19 th  at Chamber member Jack Chen's Route # 23 Buffet at 7:00 PM. Dinner followed by member speed dating type format at 8:00. You may reserve your spot right on our website.  Cost for the event is $20.00 per person. He also informed the chamber of our new suggestions box for members to but their ideas of what they want to see as far as guest speakers or different ideas they might have for our chamber.  The guest speakers for 2016 will take place in the following months; January, March, May, September and November.  The Chamber will also start having Tuesday evening mixers.  This first one will be in January at Jimmy’s in West Milford look out for the date in time in our next month’s minutes. Linda Sokerka COLDWELL BANKER informed the chamber of networking breakfast hosted by the North Jersey Networking Group on December 2nd at the Best Western, Pompton Plains at 8am.  There is a $10 per person fee.

Jack Pezzuti of CARTRIDGE WORLD informed the members of the Cartridge World Printing & Copying Savings Plan.  It’s a no cost lease,  You select a printer for which you pay nothing that meets your business needs it also come with free service to that printer.  To start, buy two sets of Cartridge World cartridges.  At the end of your plan you decide to opt-in for a new printer or choose to continue using your current printer.  And, you can opt out of the plan at any time (no hidden fees).

 Sal  Pagliarulo of LINA'S RESTAURANT told us that his restaurant has been in business has been in opened for 32 years and over those years has raised over 200,000.00 for charity.  Every Wednesday and Fridays they offer to their customer 50% off their entire bill.  Friday nights the restaurant offers live music for their customers to enjoy.  They also offer a Chamber discount of 50% off gift certificates.

Chris Oldfield of TOWN NEWS TODAY.COM is a new fast growing internet company that offers local news to their viewers.  To advertise it is $250.00 monthly and there is a 10% discount for Chamber members.

50/50 raffle was $45.00 won by Jaime Certosimo AAMCO TRANSMISSONS and Jaime donated his winnings to the Chamber.

Motion to adjourn was made by  Denise Brewster of BLOOMINGDALE CHIROPRACTIC, Mary Stevens of MRS BOOKJEEPING SVC. 2nd the motion.

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2015 Officers
Jamie Certosimo, President
Lisa Bendel, Vice President
Helyne Czajkowski, Secretary
Jessica Ballew , Treasurer

Denise Brewster
Lucille Brule'
James Murasko
Lina Pagliarulo
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