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New Members This Month:
Assisting Hands
1211 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, NJ 07470
Darth Vapor
91 Route 23 North
Riverdale, NJ 07457

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Integrated Dental Aesthetics
11 Kiel Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

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23 Buffet
600 Route 23 North
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

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Wendy's Lenfam Management Group
1204 Route 23 North
Butler, NJ 07405

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Tri-County Chamber

Welcome to the Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit corporation serving the business communities of Bloomingdale, Butler, Kinnelon, and Riverdale.
Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce News UPDATES

Chamber Member Spotlight - Chris Miller - Traditional Okinawan Karate
Chamber Member Spotlight

Elisa talked about her new book "Are You a Glow Kid?" The book is aimed at helping children develop a healthy self-concept and to overcome bullying.

Elisa Di Christina
Glowhouse Kids
1510 Rt 23 North
Butler, NJ

Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce News UPDATES

Back to School & Back to Business!

We hope everyone had an amazing summer. We are excited to be back for our first meeting of the fall session.

Please join us Wednesday, September 9th at 11:45 pm at Lina's Restaurant for our monthly meeting.

Every month we host a Meet & Greet prior to the start of the meeting which runs about 30 minutes. So the meeting will officially start at 12:15 pm.

We also encourage all of you to bring along your promotional items. We hope everyone utilizes our chamber to help create new opporunties for their own business!

Meet our 2015 Scholarship Receipients

From Left to Right: Jamie Certosimo , Chamber President , Colleen Griffin (Kinnelon), Brooke Guranari (Bloomingdale), Elizabeth Boyle (Riverdale), Devika Bhandari (Butler), Jerry Vinci, Scholarship Committee Chairman.

A Note from Scholarship Recipient Devika Bhandari,

Dear Tri Boro Chamber of Commerce,

My name is Devika Bhandari. I'm from Butler, NJ and recently this prestigious chamber of commerce has rewarded me with a scholarship. I wanted to take some time to properly thank you for this amazing honor. It has definitely been a huge help in funding my college career. I'm excited to be attending Rutgers this fall and I hope that I can make you all proud. I hope my message finds you safely and you all enjoy your summer. Again, thank you very much.

Sincerely, Devika Bhandari

Hello from Lake George NY

As a show of thanks for 13 years of service, Former Chamber President Jerry Vinci and wife Vivian were awarded a weekend getaway in Lake George at the Sagamore Hotel.

A note from Vivian and Jerry:

We can't thank you enough for the trip to the Sagamore at Lake George.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful, the food and the atmosphere were wonderful. It was such a treat to be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. We even visited the Bolton Chamber of Commerce which is the local chamber for the area surrounding and including the Sagamore.

Thanks again for your gift.
Jerry & Vivian Vinci

Thank you for attending our June Meeting

Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship winners. We were so pleased to have you in attendance and wish you the best of luck in your college careers and beyond.

Congratulations to our lucky raffle wiinner Charlene Harn!

Thank you to all who attended. We look forward to seeing you again at our September 9th meeting to kick off our fall session.

Minutes of the Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce

At Lina’s Restaurant | June 10, 2015

Jamie Certosimo                President                      AAMCO
Lisa Bendel                        Vice President               Park Lane Jewelry                    
Helyne Czajkowski             Secretary                      The Health Center at Bloomingdale
Lina Pagliarulo                   Trustee                         Lina’s Restaurant
Denise Brewster                 Trustee                         Bloomingdale Chiropractic
Lucille Brule                      Trustee                         Coldwell Banker
Jerry Vinci                        Past President Mentor   Acu-Data Business Products Inc
Vivian Vinci                                                               Acu-Data Business Products Inc
Beverly Sullivant                                                     Reformed Church of Kinnelon
Matthew Joechs                                                       Innovation Fitness
Elisa DiChristina                                                            Glow Kids
George Brewster                                                           Bloomingdale Chiropractic
Kenneth Ginefra                                                GCS Consultants
Mary Stevens                                                                MRS Bookkeeping Svs.
Lindsey  Sass                                                               NJ Healing Center
Gary Garosi                                                                  Assisting Hands
Jane McCarthy                                                              Boro of Bloomingdale
Todd N. Soltesz                                                         Stickle-Soltesz Funeral Home
Charlene Harn                                                  The Health Center at Bloomingdale
Chris Kanganis                                                  Stretch One LLC
Sal Pagliarulo                                                    Lina’s Restaurant
Brooke Gurnari                                                 Bloomingdale Scholarship Recipient
Melissa Gurnari                                              Bloomingdale resident
Colleen Griffin                                                 Kinnelon Scholarship Recipient
Ken Griffin                                                      Kinnelon resident
Naseem Bhandari                                         Butler resident
Devika Bhandari                                                Butler Scholarship Recipient
Priyanka Bhandari                                            Butler resident
Elizabeth Boyle                                           Riverdale Scholarship Recipient
Meg Strum                                                          Riverdale resident

The general meeting of the Tri-Boro Area Chamber of Commerce was called to order by Jamie Certosimo at 12:31PM with a salute to the flag.  Three officers and three trustees were present, Jessica Ballew and Jim Murasko were unable to attend.

 There were no new applications for membership.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Lisa Bendel and seconded by Elisa DiChristina.

Checking Account balance is $3,775.46 and the Pay Pal account balance is $1,101.70. A motion was made by Lucille Brule to accept the Treasurer’s report and seconded by Beverly Sullivant.           

ACU-DATA $160.00 for printing of applications and Vinci Designs for  $225.00 for our quarterly website fees.  A motion to pay the bills was made by Mary Stevens and seconded by Lindsey Sass.

Lisa Bendel reported that we currently have 30 members on our Facebook page.  A link will; be mailed out to all our members in efforts to increase our Facebook members.

Beverley Sullivant introduced Jen and Chelsea Valentine to our chamber members to talk about Team HopeFull and a Family Fitness Fundraiser coming up August 22, 2015.


  1. Jamie Certosimo reminded attendees to take advantage of the member to member discounts available.
  2.  Please visit our website www.triborochamber.org
  3. Jaime also reminded everyone to bring promotional materials to meetings.
  4. Jamie also reminded the attendees about the advertising opportunity the Chamber has with the Suburban Trends.
  5. Jamie spoke about  membership applications and the member with the most referrals will win free lunch for a year.
  6. Jerry and Vivian Vinci will be going to Lake George soon.  The getaway was gift from the chamber members in honor of Jerry years of service to the Chamber.
  7. Jaime talked about Butler Day and how it went.  For next year he will talk to the person running the event on group discounts for chamber members and also a better location for vendor tables.


Jerry Vinci chair of the scholarship committee talked about the process and steps involved with choosing the winners and introduced the recipients.  The winners are as followed; Brooke Gurnari of Bloomingdale, Devika Bhandari of Butler, Colleen Griffin of Kinnelon and Elizabeth Boyle of Riverdale.  All the winners had family members with them at the meeting.        
Jaime Certosimo informed the chamber members of a Netwrok lunch at Bahama Breeze n Wayne through the Tri-County Chamber on June 16th, 12pm.

At 1:07PM, Beverly Sullivant made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded by Elisa DeChristina.

Elisa DiChristina of Glowhouse Kids was our member spotlight speaker.  She talked about her business and how she just published a book called “Are You a Glow Kid?”  The next two spotlight speakers will be Heyne Czajkowski of The Health Center at Bloomingdale, Kenneth Ginefra of GCS Consultants and Jack Pezzuti of Cartridge World.

50/50 RAFFLE
The raffle was drawn by Elisa DeChristina and won by Charlene Harn.

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2015 Officers
Jamie Certosimo, President
Lisa Bendel, Vice President
Helyne Czajkowski, Secretary
Jessica Ballew , Treasurer

Denise Brewster
Lucille Brule'
James Murasko
Lina Pagliarulo
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